Reits - An Overview

So does the demand for a comprehensive, reliable, yet accessibleresource for understanding these investments. The andupdated Investing in REITs: Real Estate Investment Trusts, FourthEdition does that.

Widely considered the book on real estate investmenttrusts for the sophisticated investor, this variant providesup-to-date information and industry trends. Written byREIT investment pro Ralph L. Block, it looks at all of the keydevelopments and strategies that have occurred in the REITindustry over the last several decades, presenting invaluableinformation and guidance on the best way to value individual REITs (as wellas REIT shares generally), the risk-and-reward dynamics ofcommercial real estate, and how to spot blue-chip REITs and controlinvestment risk. Moreover, an entirely new chapter, written byindustry veterans Kenneth Campbell and Steven Burton, looks atnon-U.S. REITs and options for investing in them.

REIT investing has become increasingly popular in the aftermathof the real estate crisis. A dividend-paying way toparticipate in the real estate market, investing in REITs has track record of providing excellent investment returns. Theirconsistency, together with the correlation of stock priceswith the prices of other asset Reits classes, make such investments aunique opportunity.

An essential read for both individuals--investors, financialplanners, and investment advisors--and institutions interestedin investing in commercial real estate through REIT stocks,Investing in REITs continues to set the bar for REIT informationand advice.

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